Excimer Laser vs DuaLight Phototherapy

As a skincare professional, you have two choices when it comes to phototherapy. You could use an excimer laser, which delivers coherent light to the skin in the form of a laser (it’s in the name), or you could invest in a DuaLight® system, which delivers non-coherent light to the skin.

It may be difficult for you to make this choice, so let’s lay it out right you: you want to go with the DuaLight® system. The DuaLight® phototherapy system is far more superior to the excimer laser. It’s performance is unmatched, achieving better, longer lasting results. It is also more affordable and accessible.

The number of X's determine low (X) to high (XXX)

The number of X’s determine low (X) to high (XXX)

The Excimer Laser

The excimer laser, with its coherent light, works by delivering a high energy pulse of light to the skin, somewhere in the 308nm range. This high energy pulse can have detrimental results, especially for a skin condition like psoriasis.

High energy light with ultraviolet can create a non-uniform coverage or sometimes negative reaction on the skin. It’s high energy concentration on specific areas can create “hot spots” on the skin (see image of beam characteristics comparison chart below), creating an uneven coverage, sometimes creating ineffective results.

Structure, Price, Features

The excimer laser can weigh up to 100 lbs., which can be quite expensive in shipping costs and in many cases, takes up more space in a medical room than necessary. It requires a gas cylinder, which is necessary to produce laser beams.

Frequent maintenance (skilled laser maintenance can be very expensive) is necessary due to the constant calibration of the laser, which means an additional cost is necessary for prime use of the system. The beams are emitted in straight lines. If any of these lines become unbalanced, there can be issues in the effects of the treatment.

In addition to the heavy shipping and maintenance costs, you may want to consider the energy bill you would be paying for just to have this type of laser running. Each use can draw a lot of energy.

beam characteristics comparison chart

beam characteristics comparison chart

Phototherapy by Dualight™

DuaLight® delivers non-coherent ultraviolet light at 311 nm with less energy than an excimer laser. Without the high energy beam that a laser emits, the Dualight can create a more uniform coverage, covering the entire targeted area.


Dualight™ can achieve better results for the simple fact it is not a laser, but instead a means of delivering focused ultraviolet radiation to the body, in a safe and controlled manner. In addition, DuaLight® is not just limited to UVB treatments, but is versatile in that it can offer narrowband and broadband UVB treatments as well as PUVA and UVA1 treatments.

Structure, Price, Features

There is a physically obvious and significant difference between the size of an excimer laser and a DuaLight® phototherapy system. The DuaLight® system is so compact and light-weight, it can fit on a shelf.

Shipping costs for DuaLight® are significantly less than that of an excimer laser and there is very little maintenance cost necessary. The system itself contains a very easy to use calibration system, which keeps a DuaLight® owner from having to call on an expert for calibration services. Worst case scenario for needing maintenance would for bulb replacements.

In addition to all the great benefits already mentioned, DuaLight™ can be used right out of the box. No installation of any sort is necessary as everything is already in place upon delivery.

The treatment experience offered by the DuaLight® system is both short and pleasant; the system can provide a high dose very quickly, leading to quicker treatment times and also shortening the road to remission. The high dose also means that a typical case of psoriasis can be cleared in just 4-6 treatment sessions.