Summer tan reduce psoriasis

Is Summer the Best Treatment for Psoriasis?

Our body has great mechanisms for defense against a variety of diseases and other foreign elements. Yet, it still isn’t perfect enough to fight off all infections and diseases. Otherwise, doctors and medical professionals may not be necessary and even non-existent.

Summer tan reduce psoriasis

One of the most common types of diseases that affect the skin in an obvious way is known as autoimmune disease. Autoimmune disease occurs as a result of the abnormal functioning of the immune system. More common than not, autoimmune diseases can produce conditions of psoriasis.

Psoriasis is easily diagnosed as a skin disease, which brings patches of abnormal skin with it. There are multiple types of it, which are differentiated on the basis of severity and the location of the abnormal patches on the host. It is commonly identified by white scales on top of red patches found on the skin, known in the field of medicine as plaque psoriasis.

What triggers the onset of psoriasis?

Outbreaks or as many people might describe, “flare ups” can be triggered for a variety of reasons, including psychological and environmental causes.

What are the treatments for psoriasis?

There is currently no cure for psoriasis. However, there are many ways to increase remissions, which include avoiding possible triggers mentioned above and consulting with your physician about medications you can take to reduce flare ups and suppress any abnormal behavior that can occur with your immune system.

Behold … the most natural treatment for psoriasis

Now that Summer is here, more people want to be out, baring as much as they possibly could. For psoriasis sufferers, this can be an uncomfortable time. However, it may also be a great down time for psoriasis.

Ultraviolet B (UVB) is known to generate some positive effects on the skin, especially for those with psoriasis. It has been found to slow down the growth of affected skin cells, hence reducing the amount of times white patches occur.

Now artificial lights can also be used as a source of UVB for treatments and further increase of remissions for psoriasis patients who visit a healthcare professional. There are full body systems that treat the entire body. However, when hard to reach areas, such as creases and more highly affected spots are difficult to treat with a full body system.

Targeted phototherapy are used by medical professionals to treat specific areas with less risk of UV radiation to areas that are NOT already affected. If you have areas of skin that are more highly affected than some, talk to your medical professional about targeted phototherapy by Dualight®. It could help save you from a lot of pain and discomfort that other laser systems may produce.

For some reason, psoriasis dislikes heat and in many cases, humidity. So feel free to take advantage of the beautiful Summer sun! However, never leave home without your sun protection!